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Impeccably clean and undeniably mixable, Singani 63 is a Bolivian spirit with a rich history that is distilled high in the Andes from Muscat of Alexandria grapes.

A long time ago on a continent far, far, away...

A group of Spanish missionaries planted the Muscat of Alexandria grape a mile high in the Bolivian Andes.

When the grapes matured at a high altitude, their skins thickened, creating a marvelously unique flavor during the distillation process. Bolivians called the spirit Singani and embraced it as a national treasure, but kept it from the rest of the world until…

500 years later…

Little did Steven Soderbergh know while shooting his historical epic CHE that he would become the star of his OWN historical epic–with SINGANI as the object of his obsession! Think of it: Before that first sip, he didn’t know about its magical taste and storied history; he didn’t know about the Granier family, pioneers of the Casa Real brand, who brought Singani production into the modern age by perfecting classic distillation techniques at their Tarija facility; and he DEFINITELY didn’t know his life was about to get a whole lot drinkier. But once that Singani crossed his lips and found its way into his HEART (aka HIS STOMACH), the idea for Singani 63 was born.

My Casting director on Che gave me a bottle to celebrate the start of filming. I said “well, let’s open it up!”…and then spent the next 6 months drinking it.

Steven Soderbergh

Singani Today

After forming a partnership with Casa Real and enduring six years of intrigue with the US Government, Steven was finally able to launch Singani 63 in the States.

Starting at the epicenter of the world’s most competitive spirit market (New York City), 63 is now available in the best bars and restaurants from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine. Steven also figured there’s no reason the Atlantic Ocean should keep anyone from experiencing Singani 63, so drinkers in the UK can currently AVOID THE OBVIOUS all over London…

When I heard about the story behind it, bringing it in became a no-brainer. It’s a very versatile ingredient, and we now feature it in a cocktail called the Hanami.

Jim Meehan,
Please Don’t Tell

la storia de singani 63

Journey to Tarija, Bolivia with Steven Soderbergh and dive deeper into the Singani 63 story with the Granier Family and our friends at Casa Real.

fast facts

muscat of alexandria
bolivian andes
growing altitude:
5,200 ft above sea level
alcohol content:
40% / 80 proof
resting time:
8 months, minimum
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Singani 63 is unique among spirits to be given both a DO (Designation of Origin) and a GI (Geographical Indication) since the grapes are grown at a minimum altitude of 5,250 feet and within the confines of the historic home of Singani in the Andes.

award-winning flavor

Singani 63 is proud to be a Gold Medal Winner at the International Craft Spirit Awards where judges were impressed by its unique character and clean finish. Singani 63 was awarded a Double Plutonium Award at the 2017 Trans-Galactic Spirit Encounter*, the first time a double award has EVER been bestowed. New studies show Singani 63 tastes EVEN BETTER in zero gravity–talk about “bottoms up”!

*this event does not exist, nor will it ever exist

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