privacy policy

welcome to the most exciting part of singani 63 ! as a customer of singani 63 , your trust is our second most important asset, after your money. we take the protection and proper use of your personal information totally seriously and are like committed to protecting your personal information in our possession. it’s really quite true! in order to preserve your trust, we want you to understand what personally identifiable or personal information we may collect from you, how we “use” such information, and the “choices” you have regarding our use of this information! and not just because we have to–it’s the law! ready? here we go: the following discloses our information collection, use and dissemination practices for, a website of singani 63, inc. effective date: this privacy policy was last updated on august 21, 2014 and is subject to change at any time. just imagine a really unstable friend that hasn’t quite dialed in their meds yet. in this policy, the words “we”, “our”, and “us” refer to the singani 63 “family” of companies and the phrases “personally identifiable information” or “personal information” mean any information by which you can be identified or contacted, such as your “name” (first and last), address (city, state, zip), e-mail address, telephone number, etc. is that not super clear? categories of information we collect we–and the entire singani 63 “family” of companies, which number precisely one–are obsessed with collecting personally identifiable information about you and what you do. this may include actively collected personal information that you provide. stuff like: • “subscribing” to email updates (our email newsletter) • “interacting” with our mobile sites, mobile applications and services • working with our “employees” who assist you with your “needs” • through communications with you, or through the singani 63 family of companies • registering on a page, ordering product, filling out a survey, entering a promotion (including contests, sweepstakes, offers and rebates) or otherwise voluntarily telling us about yourself or your activities we may also collect personal information about you from other third parties, such as demographic firms or friends of yours who talk too much when they drink, to make our future service and marketing efforts more efficient and totally personalized for you. we also gather certain information automatically and store it in log files, which burn very cleanly. for example, this information may include internet protocol (ip) addresses or other device identifiers, browser information, internet service provider (isp), operating system, location, date/time stamp, search terms entered, and clickstream data. if that all sounds really intimidating, it’s because it should. oh, and we are watching you through the camera in your computer. it’s really for your own protection. and our amusement.

how we use your information

it’s pretty much a classic case of you give and we take. we take your personal information in order to respond to your request, to conduct our business, and to provide you with the best possible products, services and experience. we use the generic statistical and demographic information for the purposes of system administration and to monitor the level of activity on our site. i mean, why else would we want this stuff? we might share your personally identifiable information, as well as aggregated statistics about pages viewed on our site and demographic information, with other members of the singani 63 “family” of companies–it’s totally up to us!–and with service providers that provide support services to us—such as fulfilling orders, delivering packages, and services related to the design, maintenance, and improvement of this site and our database and related systems—or that help us market our products and services. but really, doesn’t using words like “family” make you feel better? by the way, service providers/third parties who perform services on our behalf are contractually restricted from using your information in any manner other than in helping us to provide you with the products and services available from singani 63 , but you can’t control everything everybody does in this world, can you? no, you can’t. if you provide us with your consent, we may share your personal information with our affiliates and business partners with whom we have joint marketing arrangements. if you do not want us to share your personal information with our marketing affiliates and business partners, then please let us know by contacting us at we may also, in certain instances, disclose your personally identifiable information when we have reason to believe that it is necessary to identify you, contact you, or bring legal action–which is really fun and expensive!—to protect your rights or the rights of singani 63 or others. we may also disclose your personally identifiable information when you ask us to do so or when we believe it is necessary to comply with applicable laws, police investigations, or in legal proceedings where disclosure of such information is relevant and permitted by law. but that’s really it.

mobile privacy

singani 63 “offers” mobile applications (commonly known as “apps”) that “allow” you to visit, learn about store events, or receive other information from singani 63 . all personal information collected by singani 63 via our mobile application is protected by this privacy policy. try reading this shit on your phone! you can’t! although you do not have to “provide” your location information to singani 63 to use our mobile applications, some services require a zip code to function, so don’t get all i-don’t-want-anyone-to-know-where-i-am on us. you may manually enter a zip code and we will save your zip code(s) for future reference, because the technology we employ is fucking intergalactic. alternatively, when you “download” our mobile application, you may choose to allow it to obtain your precise location from your mobile device when you click the “near me” button. or not. whatever. but if you do, we will determine your zip code from the precise location data received from your mobile device. we do not store precise location data because we only have this one little flash drive running our entire business; we only store the zip code associated with the location. we may also “update” our mobile applications to offer automatic (or “push”) notifications. we will provide push notifications only to those “customers” who opt-in to receive such notifications from singani 63 . if you have questions about location and notification privacy, please contact your mobile service provider or the manufacturer of you device to learn how to adjust your settings, because we’re really getting tired of talking about this. in the “future”, which is happening as we speak, we may offer updated or enhanced versions of our mobile applications that include additional “features” created by us or using third party functionality. our applications or the third party may automatically collect information about your precise location from your device, but only if you allow it, so relax.

social media interactions

look, we’re cool with you “sharing” your likes with your friends using facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram, etc., but if you choose to use these tools, you may be sharing certain “profile elements”, including your “comments”. this sharing is subject to each social media program’s privacy policies, which means you may have to read another piece of bullshit like this if you haven’t already. our theory is that no one really knows what they’re giving up anymore anyway. we do also “use” facebook social plugins to allow facebook to share information and friends’ activities with its members while they are on our website, because they’re as piggy as google when it comes to their shit. don’t believe us? well, social plugins allow facebook to show you and your friends’ “likes” on our product pages if you are logged into facebook while on does that seem fair to you? but singani 63 does not receive or control any of the content from facebook social plugins. does that seem fair to us? to remove a facebook “like” through singani 63, place your cursor in the “grayed out” like button and click on the “x” that appears (who knows, maybe it will even work!). theoretically, this removes the “like” from your facebook page, as well as from singani 63 ‘s websites. you can also delete comments made while at from your facebook page. and hey: good luck with that, too. seriously though, we don’t have enough people to follow what you’re up to, and this is a niche business anyway. we might use the information we collect to create and facilitate an interactive social experience and to bring you products, services and programs from singani 63, but don’t count on it. singani 63 will always comply with its privacy policy regarding use of facebook profile information. always. because that’s how we roll.

links to other websites and services

it’s like this: if we link you to shit, it doesn’t mean we endorse it, and when you link to that shit, you’ve left our site (where you are safe and warm), and we can’t help what happens to you, and if something does happen to you, it ain’t on us. every site has it’s own rules, and they may not be as cool as we are, so watch out. also it seems like we went over this before.

children's privacy

you not supposed to be here if you’re under the legal drinking age for your locality although we don’t understand that at all what with the shit that’s on tv and david ortiz dropping the f-bomb at that red sox game. but, that being said, don’t help some kid get on this site. the site does not target children or provide products or services for use by children (we’re not even really fans of children, to be honest. they’re expensive and noisy). we can’t have kids here (because of the booze, maybe?) and we don’t want their info, because we do not knowingly collect information from persons under the legal drinking age. if we find out there’s a kid on this site, they’re toast.


do we want to protect our shit and your information? hells yes. so we’re using secure sockets layer (ssl) to encrypt it, so only we can pore over your information and find out what you’re really up to. if that’s still not enough, look at the bottom status bar of your browser window. if you see an unbroken key or a closed lock (depending on your browser) the ssl is active and your information is secure. most browsers offer additional security alerts, as well, but we find that the very word “browser” makes us feel very insecure indeed. with regard to “overall security”, we always use industry standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving data exchanged with our site, and we all know how well that works. the facilities that house our servers are physically secured to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of all data and information collected, although we have absolutely no idea where they are–they won’t tell us. maybe they’re in orbit? additionally, we are asking all our customers to “take measures” to help protect their personal information, including the following: • install the latest security updates and anti-virus software on your computer to help prevent malware and viruses • reset your e-mail account password • use complex passwords (a minimum of 7 alpha/numeric case sensitive characters) • do not use the same password on more than one website • do not share your password with others • sign out/log off website sessions so that your session is closed and cannot be accessed by another user on the same computer, especially when using a public computer or terminal • visit these additional resources: • 

use of email addresses

we are in your life now, and we are never going to let you forget it. if you don’t want that, opt-out: provides the option to remove your information (email, regular mail, fax (ha!), text message, or telephone) from our database at any time. if you are on our promotional lists and would like to be removed, simply send an email to with “unsubscribe” as the subject line and we will totally respect your choice (even though it’s wrong) in wanting to unsubscribe to marketing communications from then on. please allow up to 10 days for your email to be removed from our database. did we say days? we meant years.

fraud alerts: protecting your information

you may come in contact with websites, e-mails or texts that try to lure/seduce/cajole/browbeat you into providing personal information with the offer of a singani 63 gift card. there is no such thing! singani 63 does not sponsor these offers nor are we affiliated with the promotion originators. we’re hermits! if you become aware of any potentially fraudulent activity on a website or in an e-mail or text, please forward the information to so that we can follow up. we take these matters so seriously you wouldn’t fucking believe it.

business transitions

as we continue to develop our “business”, we may undergo a business “transition” such as acquiring another company, merging with an existing company, or selling a portion of our “assets”. in such transitions, customer information is typically one of the business assets that is transferred or acquired by a third party, and let’s face it: you people are special. in the event that singani 63, inc. or substantially all of its assets are acquired or enter a court proceeding, you acknowledge that such transfers may occur and that your personal information can continue to be used as set forth in this privacy policy.

policy changes and consent

this “policy” would replace all previous disclosures we may have provided you about our information practices, if we’d ever had such a thing before, which we haven’t. we do reserve the right to change this policy as often as the weather if we fucking want to, and to apply any changes to information previously collected, as permitted by the actual law, dude. if there are material changes to this policy or our information practices “change” in the future, they will be posted on our website as appropriate and/or will be addressed in an email message to previously registered visitors, and will be effective from the nanosecond of posting. is operated in the united states, which is an island off the coast of manhattan.

transfer of data outside of your home country

if you are located outside the united states, any information you provide to us will be transferred to the united states, and by using our website or otherwise providing us with information, you hereby consent to this transfer. now, only you know if that is going to get you thrown into a dark room and questioned by jessica chastain, so think about that. although personal information collected by us through our website, emails, mail, fax, and telephone is used by us in accordance with this privacy policy, laws generally applicable to the protection of personal data in the u.s. may not be as stringent as those in other countries. in fact, they probably aren’t. if you submit data to us about other individuals, you agree, and we assume, that you have obtained consent from each such individual to the submission, transfer and processing of the information. seems like a lot of work, though.

additional information

if you have questions regarding our privacy policy please contact us at: singani 63 | 380 lexington ave., fl. 31 | new york, ny 10168 or email us at: the examples contained in this privacy policy are illustrations only, and are not intended to be exhaustive. but they sure fucking felt like it. isn’t this a good time for a drink?