Sara Crissman

Sara Crissman’s talents lie in multiple venues:  in her ability to concoct cocktail miracles, her sparkling wit, and most of all, her ability to befriend each person that walks through her door. Stroll into Baker’s in Seattle’s Sunset Hill where she is General Manager, and she will swoop you into a home away from home, full of inside jokes that you didn’t realize you were a part of. Formerly a Floridian, stand up comic, and dental assistant, her stories are fascinating, but her mastery of Singani 63 is the star of the show. After many years in the industry, Sara has a grasp of the palate like many dream of, and  she has been a friend of Singani 63 in Seattle since we first arrived on the scene. Catch her behind the stick, or loving on her sunglass-wearing standard poodle, June.