Rael Petit

Acclaimed mixologist, Rael Petit, and modern renaissance man is known for his creative presentations and masterful cocktails. Rael is Singani 63’s original Global Brand Ambassador and one of Chilled Magazine’s Top 100 features. Rael is the former Bar Manager at both L’Orange Bleue and Brasserie Les Halles with Anthony Bourdain, and the Standard Hotel. In 2010, he created a cocktail and bar consulting company called Rebel Disco, creating drink menus for multiple bar properties in Manhattan and Brooklyn. He is regarded for his hand-drawn and cut artistic stencil work featured atop the Singani Che Sour, created in honor of Steven Soderbergh 2007 bio epic and first moment Mr. Soderbergh ever tasted Singani. When Rael is not serving up some of the nation’s finest cocktails or tending to his multiples venues, he can be found running marathons and triathlons. His marathon record of 2:14 puts him among some of the top runners in the world!