Saveur’s Mari Uyehara Likes Singani 63 and Thinks You Should Too

Fig.22 A platonic ideal.

I usually pay little mind to Hollywood-endorsed liquor…That’s not the case, however, with the new-ish Steven Soderbergh joint, Singani 63, which you can now find in New York and California at wine shops and great cocktail bars like Los Angeles’s Honeycut and Manhattan’s PDT. American bartenders are just starting to play around with Singani 63, still the only singani available here. ‘We just got it in six months ago,’ says Chris McLeod of bar Dutch Kills in New York City. ‘It’s unique. It’s made with one grape, which is unusual. The muscat profile is very up front, and it doesn’t have any rough edges.’ In other words, it’s smooth as silk. McLeod likes subbing it for the traditional brandy into pisco sours, a natural fit, or using it to replace vermouth in a twist on the scotch-based Titan; he also plans to experiment with it in drinks traditionally made with cognac or applejack.”


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“Steven Soderbergh’s Singani 63” by Mari Uyehara of Saveur

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