LA Magazine on Mr./Dr. Soderbergh’s Quest to bring Singani 63 to the U.S.

Fig.06 Steven Soderbergh's experiments in trepanation yield surprising results.

Usually with celebrity endorsed spirits, a liquor company throws a bunch of cash at the star and said star then appears in their commercials making the drinking of it look so good. See: Mila Kunis, Kiefer Sutherland, Christina Hendricks. But Director Steven Soderbergh (Magic Mike, Erin Brockovich) is such a visionary that he got involved with Singani 63 even before it arrived in the United States. In fact it’s thanks to him that this Bolivian spirit is even in America now.”


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“Steven Soderbergh’s Seven Year Quest to Bring a Bolivian Spirit to the U.S.” – by Caroline on Crack of Los Angeles Magazine

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