Joy Bitonio of CBS Los Angeles Discovers the Season’s Best Cocktails

Fig.03 The globe erupts in celebration for Singani 63.

When the mood for a seductive cocktail den strikes, The Argyle Hollywood awaits. Take the side entrance of the building to find a place reserved for the sexy people and cozy up in one of their leather couches. Once you’ve settled in, let Chris Hewes, beverage director of extraordinary gentlemen (and women), present you with The Smoke Show. A complex composition of Singani63 Bolivian Brandy, China China Amer, chocolate Aztec bitters, and walnut bitters, Hewes then uses a smoking gun with cherry and mesquite wood to give the cocktail a smooth and smoky finish, garnished with a lemon peel.”


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“What You’re Drinking – Best Fall & Winter Cocktails” by Joy Bitonio of CBS Los Angeles

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