David Driscoll Gives Us a Peek into the K&L Wines/Singani 63 Dinner

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Last night was our highly-anticipated Singani 63/Steven Soderbergh dinner at Delphine on Hollywood Blvd; an event I was hoping would showcase the passion behind the product and the versatility of the spirit itself, rather than just function as another educational seminar. I can safely and proudly say that all goals were accomplished…Last night might have been the best K&L spirits-related party I’ve ever attended. Everyone was happy, talkative, friendly, excited to drink, andmore importantly—completely open-minded to the experience ahead of them. There were some serious whisky guys in the house, more than happy to step outside their comfort zone and give this whole Singani thing a shot. Seeing that willingness in person was exhilarating for me. I live to break down booze barriers.”


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“Steven Singani XXL” by David Driscoll of K&L Wine Merchants

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