What is Singani 63?

Singani 63 is the culmination of a 51-year, privately-funded project known as The Steven Soderbergh Adventure, the purpose of which is to identify the exceptional in all areas of human endeavor.

Steven Soderbergh


In terrain so high (5200+ ft) most gringos would either pass out or feel as though they had barbed wire wrapped around their skulls, Singani 63 is distilled from the white Muscat of Alexandria grape into a clear, mixable spirit. It’s been this way since 1530--which, by the way, is nearly always the number you get if you add 611 to 919!

You/Someone Like You/Someone You Know: But if Singani 63 is so great, how come I’ve never heard of it before?

Me: Because:

A) You’re not Bolivian
B) You’re not Steven Soderbergh
C) None of the below
D) All of the above

Feel better? You should, because new knowledge is a wonderful thing, especially when it’s 80 proof, goes down like water, and makes you invisible!*

Btw, some imperialist bureaucrats decided to categorize Singani 63 as a Brandy because they lack vision and sticktuitiveness and didn’t really do their diligence by drinking a lot of this 500-year-old indigenous spirit that was around long before there was such a thing as an imperialist bureaucrat or an embittered filmmaker! Let’s stop this insanity! Sign up for the LIBERATE SINGANI 63 campaign now!

*actual results may vary. In fact, we’re not even allowed to say stuff like that. (Cut all this.)**


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Facts & Features

500 years of heritage

Distilled from a single variety white grape — the Muscat of Alexandria — whose definitively aromatic character makes a unique spirit. Missionaries first brought these vines to the Bolivian Andes so they could party on the road. Mission accomplished!

Exclusive & One-of-a-Kind

For 7 years Steven Soderbergh fought tirelessly to get this clear, mixable and one-of-a-kind spirit imported into the US after first drinking it while shooting the movie CHE in Bolivia. Good things come to those who wait, but why wait any longer?

80 Proof

Singani 63 is a superb stand alone spirit while equally mixable. Drink it on the rocks like Steven Soderbergh or try one of our inspired inventions and get ready to circle the globe in your head!

Impeccably Clean Taste

That’s a direct quote from Paul Pacult of Spirit Journal (which is not about paranormal activity, by the way). He also said Singani 63 has a “pleasing bouquet of delicate harmony,” which means if this were a pop song, it would be a smash!

Join the Mile High Club!

Singani 63 is unique among spirits to be given both a DO (Designation of Origin) and a GI (Geographical Indication). That’s your assurance the grapes are grown at a minimum altitude of 5,250 feet, and only within the confines of the historic home of Singani in the Andes.

Gold Medal

Singani 63 is the proud recipient of a Gold Medal, the top honor from the prestigious International Craft Spirit Awards. New studies will show Singani 63 becoming as popular as breathing!